Every new season brings along with it new fashion and beauty trends. As the spring of 2018 is on we have some amazing eye makeup ideas. From demure daytime looks to drama night moves and from eyeshadow to eyeliner and mascara we have some of the best eye makeup ideas for you this spring.

Here are 6 best eye makeup ideas:

1. Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes ooze a sense of power. It has been the beauty trend for 2018. The eyeshadow is not too dramatic in smokey eye makeup. The idea behind it is to keep it simple give more attention to natural looking eyelashes. Try out a combination of pink and silver. Go bold and dramatic this year with these colourful smokey eyes.

2. Glitter for hooded or Asian eyes

The makeup for Asian eyes is soft, simple and with a little glitter. With eye makeup, cosmetic trends of 2018 glitter are used in very small proportion. In this eye make up the glitter is applied in the inner corner rather than applying it all over the lid. This eye makeup is apt for Asian or hooded eyes as it doesn’t shrivel the lid and gives the eyes a bright look.

3. Bold colour with silver

This is a new colour trend for an eye makeup during spring 2018. An admixture of pink and silver that would give a classy look when combined with colours like bronze or gold. Wear this eye makeup and flaunt yourself for any occasion such as a wedding or an engagement party.

4. Natural prom with Bronze

A bold colour trend of 2018. It is a combination of an outside colour with the metallic family. To get the prom look you could use peach with bronze and brown. It is dramatic enough to wear this eye makeup on special functions and also have the natural power to wear it on an occasional basis.

5. Cat eye for green, blue or hazel eyes

This colourful look is good for brown eye girls as their eyes are neutral. For those who have blue, green or hazel eyes they have to ensure that the shade of pink or red doesn’t clash with them but yet gives them somewhat a natural look. Try out this look and use green or blue in your cat eye.

6. Dramatic gold glitter

Gold looks great on all skin tones. If you have some glitter and gold eyeshadow then the admixture of these two colours will make your eye pop. Applying black eyeliner on the upper lash line with black mascara would make you look more dramatic.