Are you getting married and freaking out considering what beauty products should you add to your makeup bag? Wondering what will give you a perfect radiance and glow so that you look like a newlywed bride? With so many options out there, it is not easy to know exactly which beauty product should you buy or spend your hard earned money? To make this difficult task easier here are some critical items that must find the place in your beauty collection:


  1.  Tinted SPF: You cannot look perfect until your makeup has a strong foundation. No, it doesn’t mean that applying foundation is an absolute must. For some complexions, the semi-sheer tints work great and give the right amount of coverage and make your face shine. It is best to choose the product with SPF for better results.


  1. Concealer: It is best to rely on stick concealer as there is nothing better than this beauty product that can help you camouflage the skin imperfections. There is nothing better that can hide your blemishes, dark circles, redness and pimples. Try and become a pro at using concealer for masking the imperfections.


  1. Blush: Nothing makes you look beautiful than the perfect bright blush on the cheeks. Just remember to choose the neutral shade that doesn’t clash with the lipstick or the outfit. To chisel your bone structure, pick the nude pink hue. It will instantly give you a glow. If you want to try something different, try the bronzer matte.
  1. Highlighter: Some might say that it is unnecessary as it doesn’t give the visible results. But it is a myth. Well placed highlights actually make the difference. Use the highlighter pen over the cheekbones or the cupid bow of the upper lips and the corner of the eyes for an instant boost. One tip, prefer the highlighter with a subtle sheen over the sparkle one.

  1. Mascara: Luscious and long lashes are similar to the cherry on the top of your preferred dessert. Add the oomph to your everyday look by simply applying mascara. Make your lashes fluffy and full by simply swiping few coats of mascara. It is best to use a coat of both lengthening and voluminizing formulations.


  1. Eyeliner: To add drama to your look, there is nothing better than an eyeliner. It can make a basic eye makeup look fully realized as it makes the eyes look subtle, sexy and elegant. In case your complexion is fair, try chocolate brown eyeliner and not black.


  1. Eyeshadow palette: To get the smoky-eye effect it is best to buy an eyeshadow palette that at least has three colors. A pale and shimmery shade to highlight the corners, dark shadow to create depth and medium shadow to wash over the lid. This palette will help you look stunning on every occasion.


  1. Lip color: The barely-there lip color accentuates the look and gives you a confidence. It is important to choose the lip color that is both bar and boardroom appropriate and the one that makes you feel confident. You can choose from red to cherry to crimson to cinnamon to candy apple to neutrals keeping your complexion in mind.


With these beauty products, you will never fail to look stunning and appropriate. You will always be oozing with confidence and sizzle on the floor.