For generations, fashion has changed drastically. From bell bottoms to broad pants, from bell sleeves to narrow sleeves, fashion has changed in many ways. When you go back to 1900 or 1920 and compare with today’s fashion you will notice a tremendous change in each and every style. Although we have reached to the 21st century where everything is advanced from technology to clothing, you will still find a gist of old fashion in your granny’s closet.

People still opt for old styles like bottom pants especially in summers by pairing it with a white shirt.  Here in this article, we have summed up some styles below which have evolved over years.

Flappers Of The 1920s

The 1920s were known for the Gatsby style. It was the time when people dressed extravagantly just as a sign of freedom. This was known as a decade of glitter and flappers. Just prior to 1920s, women were supposed to dress submissively and were forced to follow a simple standard of dressing.

Miniskirts Of The 1960s

1960 was the year when fashion evolved drastically. Women got the liberty to wear miniskirts while prior to 1960s women were expected to dress in ankle-skimming dresses and full skirts. Mod style dresses and miniskirts were making a point that time which helped women flaunt their curves. You can find fancy skirts that touch the very essence of the vintage style with up to 70% discount at Fashion Mia.

The Power Suits & Neon Fashion Of the 1980s

1980 was when power suits took over the fashion trend. This is when gender equality started and women started wearing power suits which gave out a subtle message of protest against gender inequality. Along with the power suits, there was a neon fashion trend that hit the market and marked the luxury lifestyle which they showcased by dressing extravagantly.

1990 – Change for Comfort

Until 1980s people were dressing extravagantly marking the luxury lifestyle by wearing designer clothes. By 1990s both men & women were in a search of fashion which would add comfort to their lifestyle. And that is when casual dressing begins. Power suits and designer glitter dresses were then replaced by flannel shirts and ripped jeans. And steadily ripped jeans were replaced by baggy pants. This sudden change forced business women to opt for casual pants and dresses to wear at work.

2000  to 2018 – Recycled Era

When it comes to 2018 fashion trends, past duds has added a new trend to modernized culture.  For today’s women and men, fashion is all about comfort and for them, casuals have become the new classy.  That is because today’s women have become busy with the modern culture and so they opt for a simple and laid-back outfit for every occasion.

Today, beauty and fashion are more than just looking pretty. With enhancement in every field, fashion trends in future can be used as a social discourse and can sometimes help change the world for the better.