This year’s Spring 2018 collection for men, boasts much more than the stereotypical pinstripes and collared shirts. No more white shirts, black trousers, and bye bye black bow tie! This season’s latest trends are perfect for those men who are daring and fashion-forward. Here’s a list of Spring 2018 trends, which will make you the talk of the town.

Trend #1

Bomber Jackets are making a striking comeback this Spring. Don’t try to play it safe and purchase a black piece. Metallic and light blues are the “in” color. Layering this jacket over a suit or dinner jacket is also perfectly acceptable.

Trend #2

Velvet is another staple in men’s’ wardrobes this spring. You can adorn your velvet in a complete suit or simply a suit jacket.

Trend #3

Camo prints are no longer for army fanatics. This spring, camo prints adorn jackets and entire suits. They are made of lighter fabrics, which make them ideal for use in multiple seasons.

Trend #4

Color-wise, it is bye bye black and hello blue. Men’s dinner and outer jackets can be found in dark blues. But it is unclear if this trend will continue into the winter.

Trend #5

Art prints are making a daring entry into men’s fashions. This season, they can be found in varied shapes and sizes. Suits are now patterned in head to toe prints or with some minor print detailing, making the boring-black suit, much more striking.

Trend #6

Don’t be shocked if you see a bright, contrasting yellow t-shirt, peeking out of a jacket. Sporting yellow is the in a thing, this spring. For guys who feel awkward wearing this color, but still want to look fashionable? You can get away by wearing yellow as an accent piece, probably a yellow tie.

Trend #7

Floral patterns are going to push the style boundaries in men’s wear this spring. Floral prints will be found on jackets, coats, shirts and even ties. Only confident men can pull off this ultra-feminine symbol.

This Spring 2017 season, men’s fashion will no longer play it safe and stick to traditional colors and styles. Bold, bright and androgynous looks are this season’s fashion trends!