It is that time of the year again when the warm sunny days will soon end and the cooler temperature will set their foot. After adorning the best of the outfits in summers now is the time to gear up for the fall season. It is a known fact that every woman adores fashion but, even men secretly desire to follow the latest trends. With every passing year, the trends shift and, with changing weather the wardrobes alter. Fine Dressing is an art and you must know its basics. Inspect your wardrobe and be ready for upgrades. With the fall of the onset, let us look at the staples of a finely dressed man’s wardrobe.

• Plaid Shirt: Plaid shirt is the ABC of your fall clothing. They are available in all kinds of patterns and a huge variety of colors. Don’t be afraid to add a bold pattern to the trendy yet simple mix of essentials, that you are going to put together. The plaid shirts are comfortable, classic and polished, that is why they are a widely accepted range.

• Shawl Collar Cardigan: The Cardigan variety was made popular by the Ivy Leaguers. Its soft material makes it inviting for the girls to cuddle. The cardigan keeps you warm and stylish for those extra chilly days. It is available to you in cotton, wool, cashmere or their blends. A contrasting collar and body in a wool cashmere blend is your best bet. The shawl collar cardigan brings to your dressing an upscale vibe.

• Patterned or Textured Blazer: A classic blazer is must have in every man’s closet. It gives a dressy yet, laid-back touch when added to your ensemble. You must be careful that the tailor-made blazers should fit you perfectly otherwise, a baggy make will destroy your efforts.

• Leather Biker Jacket: The Fall look calls for layering, but layering need not be necessarily boring. If you are athletic, you can give a sporty touch to your dress by wearing a leather jacket. It is a true asset as the leather improves with time and becomes a storyboard of events of your life.

• Dark Jeans: Jeans or Denim is the core element of your wardrobe. It is an item to experiment with throughout the year. In fall, you should prefer a dark hue and tougher texture. Other options at your disposal are chinos or wool slacks which are versatile and useful and, can be dressed up informal as well as casual combinations.

• Boots: Good footwear is the mark of a complete wardrobe. A great pair of earth-colored boots, add a rugged flair to the ensemble. Laced-up or slip-on boots, either can pull off a great look when worn with the right essentials. You can always pair them up with rich cashmere socks that are available in a variety of colors to add warmth in the extra chilly times. Another great choice to opt for is the chocolate brown suede to complete the fall look.

It is not necessary that every item in fashion suits your body type and your taste. You are your best judge. It is important to be well informed about the ongoing trends but only you can decide what is comfortable for you.