Colors are no man made satellite, we derive the colors from varied forms of nature. If you have ever witnessed the world under sea, you will know how many variants of each color are present there. Spring is the season of color and this spring the inspiration is the nature. This spring and summer, your apparels & accessories for sure have to reflect the nature’s freshness and its essence.

Designers have given a twist to the conventional by pairing the pastels with bright to make a colorful balance. The most popular 9 colors for spring and summer 2017:

1. Placid Blue
This is an impressive, tranquil shade of lighter hues of blue. It lends sense calmness to any outfit. You can pair it up with solid colors to illuminate your look!

2. Violet Tulip
The classic and romantic purple evokes and captures the charismatic hues feminity. Pair this color with white to disperse a romantic essence wherever you go.

3. Hemlock
Echoing the grassy shade of springtime foliage, this color is extremely summery an impressive. It lends a decorative touch that can be paired with prints, dark hues, white and candy pink for an ideal combination or if you wish to truly enliven the spirit of this spring, pair it with Violet Tulip.

4. Paloma
A very neutral color, Paloma is very interesting to be worn alone. Thought, it can be combined with other colors for classy look and a gives you a distinct edge.

5. Sand
This bland and likable color invokes an image of the beach. The free days of summer. For a head turning looks natural softness one secret, pair Sand and Hemlock for the best arty look.

6. Freesia
This floral-inspired color of glowing yellow and is a very warm color that stands out in the crowd. The powerful radiance of a Freesia makes it a top favorite this season.

7. Cayenne
The high-pitched red shade that pairs up with neutral colors to enhance them with its dash of spice and makes the ambience alive. It is a high impact, intense color to liven up the spring summer season.

8. Celosia Orange
Orange color by its nature induces freshness and optimism, inspired from peaches and flamingos. Combine Violet Tulip and Celosia Orange for a casual summer evening get-together.

9. Radiant Orchid
Orchids, as a flower infuse a lot of romance, beauty and elegance. This valiant tone of purple is a visual treat and can be worn by males and females equally. Radiant orchid, as its name suggests, radiates positivity and strength. Add this color to your wardrobe and get set for a look never explored before.

Every person has a personal favorite. Explore the colors which suit your style, compliment your skin tone, body structure, eyes, hair and your own signature style! Don’t simply go by what is declared as the most favorite or popular color for the season, identify which hues make you glow, look healthy and obviously fetches compliments.