New York is a city where you can find people following and wearing the latest trend in clothing. You will see men wearing all kind of clothes from casual denim shorts and t-shirts to formal shirts and coats. Here in New York black is one of the favorite colors and you will find people wearing a lot of black colored dress. When you think about New York men’s fashion 3 important words that come to mind are a trendsetter, comfort and vibrant.

When we start speaking about men’s wear in New York, the main thing to keep in mind is everything is little more tailored. A sort of fashion followed by men in New York is that they make sure to look clean with a sort slim cut figure. So if you are going to shop for a suit, jeans or shirt in New York make sure its suits and tailored exclusively to you. Here in this article, you will find how men are fashion conscious and what kind of style they are following.

Hats & Scarves:

New York men are a little more playful with their fashion trends. They wear hat and scarves and walks down the street casually that doesn’t give a weird look. No matter what the season you will always come across people wearing a hat. It is a kind of accessory that fits any outfits and can be worn either plain or in vibrant colors.

Mix & Match:

When in New York you must be bold enough to wear mix floral prints with polka dots or pinstripes. Men will choose clothing pieces that suit their personality as well as season. They will stand out in the crowd with simple design and clean visual. It is more exciting, challenging and interesting to wear a mix & match pattern then wearing a solid blue shirt with a black suit.

Stylish Shoes:

For both men and women, stylish boots are the most favorite one that is suitable for all seasons. Also, shoes give you a comfortable feel and go well with any outfit. At Hotter Shoes, you can discover world-class footwear products that are ideal for your lifestyle. You can check out for several new styles of shoes like sports & active shoes, casual & formal shoes, classic & cool sandals, etc..

Denim Jeans:

Well fitted classic collection of denim jeans or jeans jacket with a great pair of shoes always gives men an absolutely fresh look. New York men take a lot of effort to achieve a chic look. They dress it up in a way that gives a crisp and clean look. Get on trend denim collection at an unbelievable price offered by Silver Jeans.

Leather Jacket:

In New York City you can walk in style by wearing just a leather jacket, cool pants, and leather boots. For the winter season, a leather jacket is a must-have addition to men wardrobe. You can see men having a cozy look by wearing a double layered leather jacket, turtleneck shirt, and black blazer. It goes well with ripped-knee skinny jeans.


Blazer is one of the perfect office wear worn by New York men. This is the most classic formal outfit that works well in almost all situations. Also, you can discover people still wearing this outfit outside of the office like a coffee shop or a bar when meeting a client. Wearing a matching navy blazer or a cool grey blazer is a timeless outfit and will never go out of style.

Above mentioned are few fashion styles followed by stylish men in New York City. If you are planning to visit this city try to follow the styles mentioned in this blog post. These looks will surely make any men more fashion forwards as well as not missing that classic American touch.