Remember old adages such as, “what’s inside counts”, and “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, whoever came up with that wisdom was obviously lacking the vision (literally and figuratively)!

In the world of fashion, you ARE, what you wear, especially when it comes to shoes. You can be wearing a simple black dress, but if you team it with classy shoes, surely you will find praises coming your way. The type of shoes you wear and how you carry them, says a lot about your personality. If you want to leave people with an impression, period, then pay attention to your footwear!

This season’s footwear features something for all personality types. This year’s Spring and Summer 2013 Shoe Trends are all about metallic finishes, ankle straps, architectural shapes, and transparent details.

For all you metallic fans out there, big fashion houses such as Armani and Valli, are churning out shoe fashions in silver foil finishes. Moschino has taken it one step further by adding crystals, whereas Viktor and Rolf have added texture to their metallic pumps. At your next gala event or ball, consider pairing your gown with a metallic heel. You will appear classically stunning, from head to toe!

Remember those chunky platform shoes you used to wear because you couldn’t wear heels, which your best friend tried to convince you to toss aside? Well, those are back in fashion, with a few little twists and turns. This season, chunky high platforms with multiple straps, will be a common site, especially for those of you who have a little trouble wearing heels. Fashion houses such as Chanel and Balenciaga are sporting these old favorites on the Paris runway for this spring and summer.

Ever wonder how to make a statement with a boring pair of jeans? Try wearing a pair of clear heels, or wedged sandals! Clear heels with straps and wedge sandals with clear platforms are also back this season and were featured by Donna Karan and Michael Kors.

Want to make a memorable impression at your next board meeting or interview? Try wearing shoes that were inspired by an architecture such as those by Fendi and Rodarte. These shoes have a very bold and strong appearance and will stun anyone who gazes upon them.

If you consider yourself as a unique individual and want it to reflect in your footwear, try wearing sandals from Just Cavalli or Matthew Williamson. Their shoes feature eye catchy heels in bold colors, with unique textures and designs. This is ideal footwear for a self-professed wallflower!

Last but not least, for all you animal lovers out there, reptile prints are still “in” this season. Shoes that are completely covered in reptile prints or with a simple reptile strap are part of this season’s shoe trends.
Shoes are the perfect way to add a bit of flash to an otherwise la-dee-dah outfit. If you just came home from a pedicure and want to try on your new Valentino sandals, shoe-it off!